New Dress Collection Nymphae from Naniche

Nymphae SS 2021

Posted by Vera Linhartova on

Romantic surrealism, purposefully girlish and with a strong relationship to tradition and nature.  This is the new Naniche collection SS2021 created by Natalie Dufkova. 

Nymphae builds on Dufka's previous work in the expressiveness of oversized forms.  Instead of jackets and fashion objects it works for the first time with the theme of large evening gowns. They are also characterized by a moment of surprise, which we encounter across its portfolio. At first glance, dreamy sculptural forms in shades of fuchsia, dusty rose or purple are undermined by elaborate folds, shiny materials and eccentric accessories.

Monochrome silk, chiffon, satin and upcycled damask from a grandmother’s dowry play the main roles in the new collection.