Finding a balance between fulfilling internal values and following external patterns is a never-ending process. At the intersection of these opposing eventualities, the ideals of femininity in relation to body and clothing are also born, and it is here that Natalie Dufková sought inspiration for her new collection called simply… HER.

HER reflects, comments and creatively depicts the formation of female identity in today’s world. The free blending of body and clothing, beauty and fragility is symbolized by the key material of the entire collection - lace.

The Czech company Topak is the last Central European bobbin lace factory with a tradition since 1908. The selected pattern has never been made in black, so it is original and exclusive for this collection, which the Topak company supported and donated a large amount of Czech lace.

The color follows the previous Nymphae collection - white, powder, lilac, black and new blue.

“I hope that my collection speaks for itself most sincerely and says ‘in its own words’ the most important thing: that the body, the soul and the dress - this one whole, this is the woman in her nature.“ The main thanks goes to Topak, and also to CCC for lending us the shoes and Bohemia Gloves for the gloves. Jewellery by Bold Studio.