The basis of the Nocturno collection are clothes for special occasions, where the creation of the designer Natalie Dufková dances between the opulent baroque of playfully flying silk chiffon over the gothically understated and yet highly elegant austere line of satin.

The colours smoothly transition from orange to shades of blue to black and silver in an abstract explosion of infinite time that winds through the world without beginning or end. It thus evokes the mystery of a black night, which here combines with the royal blue of an evening sky. The silver shadows of the moonlight in counterpoint and the heat of orange are complemented by the hope of daylight in the form of azure blue. The magic of a danced night is followed by dawn. 

However, daylight is not the enemy here, just a continuation. In the same way, the new collection seamlessly follows on from the previous work of the designer, which gradually matures from expressively oversized forms to the sobriety of everyday life, which, of course, is emphasised by the quality of the deadstock material of the skirts and trousers.

The collection also includes shirts, already iconic pieces made of high-quality materials, which have become a wardrobe staple thanks to their great flexibility. The secret of the night is traditionally complemented by designer jewellery by Markéta Kratochvílová from Bold Studio, which organically completes Naniche's identity. The overall look is underlined by shoes from the new CCC collection and hand made gloves from the traditional Czech company Bohemia Gloves.